Joe (not a) Plumber

I just got done reading the rant on Hot Air about Joe the Plumber

How exactly does everyone there think they can blame the “liberal” media for this man’s demise?

Let’s sum up here: McCain brought up Joe. A lot. And then the incorrect information about Joe being related to Charles Keating of the Keating 5 was posted by Martin Eisenstadt, who is a McCain advisor and conservative commentator. These things set off the bloggers of the world who, experts at digging up info, found some interesting things about Joe. Martin has yet to post a correction to his misinformation. Now, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence something like this would have occurred on, but let’s be honest here. If the tables were turned, Fox news and the 80% conservative radio news would have drug through the mud the likes of anyone, let’s call him Mike the Carpenter, who asked McCain a question and turned out to be a Democrat, has legal problems, and is potentially related to some unsavory character. Conservatives everywhere would be outraged, call that person a plant… etc. etc.  

This isn’t something just the left-wingers would do. Emotions are high, stakes are higher, and every bit of info is being blown to disproportionate sizes. So who is Joe the victim of here? Well, to be honest I think Joe has done himself in. Although McCain made him into a household name, and the media has dredged up his past, the truth is is that Joe took his 15 minutes of fame, and has to face the consequences for it. I pay my taxes, why shouldn’t Joe? I don’t have a license to be a plumber, so I am not a plumber. If I had my mind made up about who I was voting for, I wouldn’t wander down to the other candidate’s rally and ask hypothetical questions. If you’re doing something technically illegal, why the heck would you go on national TV and talk about it?

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