Now that’s what Americans will be doing for the next four years if ACORN is allowed to steal the election. I won’t say “if Obama wins” because there is no chance of that…you know ,I know it, and what’s more Obama knows it and that’s why he has hired ACORN.
And his thugs of course…like you.
We all will remember “Joe the plumber”….
What has he promised you? That you can finally move out of mommy’s basement and he will “give” you what you are too lazy to earn for yourself?

Oooh. Now I am not only male, but a thug. Do your research, dear. Voter registration fraud has never impacted an election. If you sign up as Mickey Mouse, A. No one is going to approve your registration, and B. If by some strange chance they register you, the people at the polls would probably laugh at you and send you home. No one is denying that what ACORN does is wrong. It’s illegal. But it’s also not up to them to approve/deny registrations. ACORN also signs up both republican AND democratic voters. And, do your research… McCain has spoken at ACORN sponsored events. Neither side has clean hands here, it’s kind of pathetic the slinging that people do. It’s a fine example of what is wrong with this country… people giving into fear, paranoia. 

By the way, I make 75k/year. I don’t look for handouts from anyone. I don’t live in a basement. My typical 3-bedroom suburbia life is pretty average. I have 3 cats. I refuse to listen to either side’s conspiracy theories. Life is too short to live bitter and angry. No one is out to get me. Or out to get you, you might want to think about that…

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